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2022/08/08 Establishment of Maritime and Ocean Digital Engineering Cooperation Program at the University of Tokyo - Aiming to build a cooperative simulation platform for sustainable maritime logistics -
2022/08/01 ClassNK opens new survey office in Rome
TASCO YUSEN GOLD COLD SDN BHD, a subsidiary of TASCO BERHAD acquires certification of cold chain logistics service standard "JSA-S 1004: 2020"
2022/07/29 (ShipDC)"IoS-OP Taiwan Seminar - Archives On-demand" is delivered
2022/07/25 "CC-Ocean" marine-based CO2 capture system demonstration project receives "Marine Engineering of the Year 2021" Award from the Japan Institute of Marine Engineering
2022/07/20 ClassNK makes SEEMP Part III development tool available at the beginning of August -Supports CII implementation plan to be prepared within 2022-
2022/07/12 ClassNK issues approval in principle (AiP) for ammonia-fueled tugboat (A-Tug) jointly developed by NYK Line and IHI Power Systems
2022/07/08 ClassNK releases “Guidelines for Ships Using Alternative Fuels (Edition2.0)” -adding specific safety requirements for ammonia-fueled ships-
2022/07/06 ClassNK releases “ClassNK Technical Journal”
-Introducing the latest trend in Zero-Emission Ships-
2022/07/04 ClassNK releases latest “PrimeShip-PSC Intelligence” mobile app
-support the improvement of PSC performance and ship management system-
2022/07/01 ClassNK releases comprehensively revised structural rules
2022/06/24 (ShipDC)“IoS-OP Singapore Seminar - Archives On-demand” is delivered
2022/06/20 ClassNK grants Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions to Innospec’s “Octamar Combustion Catalyst Series”
2022/06/09 ClassNK issues Approval in Principle (AiP) for Ammonia-ready VLGC developed by Mitsubishi Shipbuilding
2022/05/23 Parties Conclude MoU with City of Yokohama for Acceptance of Ammonia-Fueled Tugboat -- Contributing to the Realization of a Carbon Neutral Society from the Port of Yokohama --
2022/05/19 ClassNK certifies NAPA Fleet Intelligence and NAPA Performance Monitoring and Optimization, and adds new notations to ships using the solutions
2022/05/16 ClassNK issues Approval in Principle (AiP) for Large Liquefied CO2 (LCO2) Carrier developed by Mitsubishi Shipbuilding and NYK Line
2022/05/09 ClassNK releases PrimeShip-HULL 2022 for new structural rules
2022/05/02 ClassNK sets forth class notations for advanced initiatives on safety and labor
2022/04/28 ClassNK issues Approval in Principle (AiP) for Large Liquefied Hydrogen Carrier developed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries
"Following AiPs for CCS, CHS, and Dual-fuel Main Boilers"
2022/04/25 ClassNK grants Innovation Endorsement Provider Certification to "K"Line Wind Service
2022/04/21 ClassNK issues Approval in Principle (AiP) for Ammonia-ready LNG-fueled Panamax Bulk Carrier developed by GSC
2022/04/15 ClassNK releases GHG Emissions Management Tool
-"ClassNK ZETA" to realize visualization of CO2 emissions from ships-
2022/04/11 (ShipDC) ShipDC has started a connection confirmation service for shipboard data server and applications software on IoS-OP ~Available product combinations are easily identified on IoS-OP~
NAPA, ClassNK and Marubeni to Collaborate on Fleet-wide Study of EEXI and CII’s Effect on Operations
2022/04/04 ClassNK issues Approval in Principle (AiP) for floating offshore hydrogen production plant by J-DeEP
2022/03/31 ClassNK issues Approval in Principle (AiP) for GTT’s design of LNG fuel tank with 2 bar gauge design pressure
ClassNK grants highest Innovation Endorsement Provider certification to NYK
ClassNK releases AiP & GDA Guidelines and Technology Qualification Guidelines
2022/03/23 ClassNK grants Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions to Marlink’s CyberGuard Threat Detection service
2022/03/16 ClassNK issues AiP for World’s First Methane Oxidation Catalyst System Developed by Hitachi Zosen, MOL and YPT
2022/03/15 ClassNK issues AiP for Fully Autonomous Ship Framework Developed by NYK, MTI and Japan Marine Science
2022/03/10 ClassNK signs Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with PowerX to collaborate on the Power ARK Project
2022/03/02 ClassNK enhances linkage between PrimeShip-HULL and NAPA Designer -Saving person-hours for 3D ship design data linkage by more than 30%-
2022/02/17 ClassNK calculates vessels’ CO2 emissions for Sustainability-Linked Loan by ORIX Corporation
2022/01/26 NAPA and MOL have rolled out digital Navigational Risk Monitoring Solution on over MOL’s 700+ ships
2022/01/20 ClassNK issues Approval in Principle (AiP) for ammonia-fueled Panamax bulk carrier developed by Planning and Design Center for Greener Ships (GSC)