Maritime Education & Training Certification

ClassNK has expanded its certification services to the maritime training sector, such as Certification of Maritime Education & Training Courses.

With the growth of the world fleet, recruiting competent and properly trained seafarers has become ever more essential to shipping company operations.

In addition, since the ship operation itself is being advanced more technically according to technical innovation as we see an example of the enforcement of new requirements for ECDIS, the training of seafarers should be much more enhanced and strengthened not only for the management of shipping companies but also for safety at sea and protection of the marine environment.

As a classification society, our mission has always been to support the development of the maritime industry, and as the needs of the industry have changed, ClassNK is increasingly being called upon to address not just the hard aspects of ship construction, but also “soft elements like seafarer training”.

ClassNK offers the above certification and a training course for instructors for maritime education & training courses both individually and collectively as part of our PrimeManagement suite of certification and training services.

Application for Certification

Please fill in the application for certification for Maritime Education & Training and send it back to us.

Certificate of Maritime Education & Training

Certificate of Maritime Education & Training will be issued when the initial assessment has been carried out by our assessors and the quality of training provided by maritime education and training institutions are found to conform to the requirements of the specified rules.

Register Book for Certification of Maritime Education & Training

The Society uses the collected individual data for the following purposes:

  • Reception and Execution of Services and Communication with the customers,
  • Provision of Information for Services of the Society

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