ClassNK MRV Portal

ClassNK offers software “ClassNK MRV Portal”which enables users to submit MP and ER for EU MRV and annual report for IMO DCS smoothly as well as d control monitoring data such as sending monitoring data and documentary evidence from ship or shore to the verifier.

The company can utilize the input data gathered through this service for preparation and submission of ER. Submitting data through ClassNK MRV Portal leads to reduced costs of ClassNK certification services for EU MRV and IMO DCS.

This system is enabled to connect to other Reporting Systems* developed by your own company or third party providers, and thereby will avoid the on-board duplication of works.

Please note that when the company deals with the regulation, it is required to develop EU MRV MP in accordance with the company’s procedures and monitor and confirm the accuracy of data, therefore just submission of data does not mean certification from the Society.

* MRV Portal has been already connected with “ADMAX ABLOG”(IMC Co., Ltd.), ”CMAXS ABLOG”(ClassNK Consulting Service Co., Ltd.), “Emission Status Monitoring Service”(Weathernews Inc.), “FleetDSS MRV”(StormGeo), “Voyage Watcher”(MarineNet Co., Ltd.)(alphabetical sequence)

Application and Contact

“NK-SHIPS”users can apply ClassNK MRV Portal through the Web Service Portal.

By applying from Web Service Portal, you can easily use Portal for IMO DCS, because in case of NK classed Ships, auto-input of the ship/company details and identification of ships by NK-SHIPS database is available.

ClassNK Web Service Portal

Also, ships which have been already reporting to ClassNK MRV Portal can use the same data for IMO DCS reporting for IMO DCS verification.

For non-NK-SHIPS users, please apply for the assessment and verification services from the following link.

Application for EUMRV (For not NK-SHIPS users)
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ClassNK MRV Portal Support Desk
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