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2015/12/22 ClassNK releases industry developments for 2015 in annual Technical Bulletin
2015/12/15 ClassNK issues Hong Kong Convention Statements of Compliance to two additional ship recycling facilities in India
2015/12/07 ClassNK establishes Ship Data Center to accelerate Big Data use in the maritime industry
2015/12/03 ClassNK releases Guidelines for Floating Offshore Facilities (ver. 3)
2015/11/24 ClassNK releases draft amendments to container ship rules
2015/11/18 ClassNK-PEERLESS named top maritime IT Solution at IBJ Awards
2015/11/17 ClassNK grants AIP to LNG-fueled vessel
2015/10/29 ClassNK wins Innovation Award at the Lloyd’s List Asia Awards 2015
2015/10/08 ClassNK starts verification tests of next-generation condition-based engine monitoring system (ClassNK CMAXS e-GICSX) for MAN B&W engines on MOL vessel
2015/09/29 ClassNK issues Hong Kong Convention Statements of Compliance to two ship recycling facilities in India
2015/09/15 ClassNK and TÜV Rheinland Sign Partnership Agreement
2015/08/28 ClassNK conducts independent verification of Iino Marine Service’s GHG emissions based on reasonable assurance
ClassNK to releases world-first Guidelines on Composite Propellers
2015/08/17 ClassNK opens new survey office in Brunei
2015/08/12 ClassNK releases Annual Report on Port State Control
2015/07/30 ClassNK releases Guidelines for CNG Carriers
2015/07/13 ClassNK releases new PrimeShip-HULL (HCSR) software in response to CSR BC & OT
2015/05/15 12th International Marine Design Conference wraps up in Tokyo
2015/05/11 ClassNK Releases Amendments to Class Rules
2015/04/30 ClassNK releases PrimeShip-GREEN/ProSTA
2015/04/20 New era for R&D with establishment of Global Research and Innovation Center in Singapore
2015/04/14 ClassNK opens new exclusive office in Cadiz
2015/04/09 ClassNK releases 2015 Rules and Guidance for the Survey and Construction of Steel Ships
2015/03/23 Nakashima Propeller and ClassNK hold joint technical seminar in Hamburg
2015/03/17 ClassNK retakes top position
2015/03/02 ClassNK establishes new rules for bulk carriers and oil tankers
2015/02/27 ClassNK updates its Guidelines for Floating Offshore Facilities
2015/02/20 ClassNK, Makita expand CMAXS e-GICSX program to MAN B&W engines
2015/02/19 ClassNK begins joint research on brittle crack arrest design
2015/02/16 Big day for ClassNK
2015/02/13 ClassNK streamlines its classification process
2015/02/09 ClassNK leads the way with new PrimeShip-HULL(HCSR) software
2015/02/04 ClassNK approval of new corrosion resistant steel gives shipowners new options
2015/02/02 Full speed ahead as ClassNK grants type approval to Niigata's dual-fuel engine
2015/01/29 ClassNK announces record 2014
2015/01/28 ClassNK invests in the Wind Energy Institute of Tokyo
2015/01/15 ClassNK releases updates to its Guidelines on Laser-Arc Hybrid Welding
2015/01/14 ClassNK releases updates to Good Maintenance Onboard Ships
2015/01/08 ClassNK releases updates to its Guidelines for Container Stowage and Securing Arrangements
2015/01/07 ClassNK Chairman and President Fulfilled Term as Chairman of ACS
2015/01/06 ClassNK releases its Guidelines for Gas Fuelled Ships Ver. 3