ClassNK Digital Grand Design 2030

Diversify fair and transparent third-party evelutions
  • Various assessments for vessels go beyond regulation compliance
  • Evaluation and rating based on the SDGs
  • Third-party certification for new technologies or solutions
  • Widen evaluation and rating targets and areas
Establishment of an environment that facilitates the deployment of advanced technologies
  • Support for advanced businesses based on sustainability
  • Rationalize our approval work using rule implemented software
  • Support diversification of ship establishing rules on assumptions of the use of digital technology
  • Ensuring cyber security
Implementation of rational and advanced inspection methods
  • Approval without on - site inspection
  • Applying AI imaging technology to the survey
  • Changing survey scheme with condition dianosis or condition-based maintenance technology
Development of a rational evaluation scheme Evalution in cyberspace
  • Direct approval with 3D data
  • Individualization of assessment through integrated data charts
  • Simulation-based certification and evaluation

ClassNK Digital Grand Design 2030

ClassNK Digital Grand Design 2030 shows our future vision for the digital society of 2030. With the grand design’s concept of "Creating innovation for a blue economy", ClassNK expands its cultivated technology and knowledge to ocean-related business and aims to bring innovation to the maritime industry and its related industries. To achieve this, ClassNK has established the following 3 fundamental policies.

  1. Further improve safety and efficiency by providing advanced and rational classification services through the development of new technical services based on data utilization such as survey systems in line with condition monitoring and evaluation technologies, and the creation of individual ship charts.
  2. Diversify certification services and expand their scope. In particular, create new value in ocean-related businesses by providing support with new challenges involving ocean development and integrated onshore and offshore logistics services.
  3. Support the realization of social innovation brought by digital technology and new challenges by establishing various rules and flexible environmental aspects.

In order to realize these three basic policies, ClassNK will continue to develop human resources and share knowledge and take on new technological challenges together with the front-runners, and then contribute to the widespread use of the results in the maritime industry and farther areas.

Effort for SDGs

For more than 120 years, ClassNK has been an international classification society, mainly engaged in inspection and certification, and has also contributed to international conventions and regulations. In addition, ClassNK has played a role as a member of the maritime community, changing its role to meet the needs of diversifying ships and expanding demand in the shipping business.
In recent years, ClassNK has focused not only on classification services, but has also enhanced its contribution to the SDGs as needs for a sustainable society, such as environmental issues, have grown.
ClassNK believes that digital technologies and its digital transformation are useful tools to achieve these goals, not only for ClassNK itself, but also for stakeholders together.
The ClassNK Digital Grand Design 2030 is the principal source of ClassNK's efforts to achieve this goal.

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ClassNK Digital Grand Design 2030
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