Information for Equipment of SOLAS Convention

This page offers information for equipment required by SOLAS Convention including flag state instruction.

For Marine Notice, Circulars etc. issued by Administrations, please see the below links of websites.

Dangerous goods (Solid) and IMSBC Code

For Cargoes related to IMSBC Code or IMDG Code etc.

Fire-Fighting Extinguishing Equipment

For special requirement for each flag authority of Fire –Fighting Extinguishing Equipment required by SOLAS Chap. II-2.

Life-saving appliances

For Amendment and Service for Life-saving appliances required by SOLAS Chap.III, please see followings.

Navigation Equipment

For Amendment and Installations for Navigation Equipment required by SOLAS Chap.V, please see followings.


For Survey of Radiocommunications required by SOLAS Chap.IV, please see followings.

Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM)- Asbestos

Special requirements of each flag authority for Asbesto


For FAQs for the above items, please see followings.