PrimeShip-PSC Intelligence

Support system for the improvement of PSC performance and ship management systems

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Research on PSC trends of ports and countries AI technology makes it possible to research trends of typical deficiencies, deficiency items or deficiency categories. You can also confirm actual deficiencies recorded by PSC and graphically illustrate trends.

Output of PSC checklists Output a pinpoint checklist based on the PSC's past records of selected ports or countries. The check items recorded as detainable deficiencies are displayed in red.

Graphic display function Your fleet PSC performance and frequently reported deficiency items on your fleet are shown graphically to support with monitoring, measuring, analysis and evaluation of the performance.

Free setting of KPIs and ship groups Freely set KPIs and ship groups in order to monitor, measure and evaluate them.

Reporting Automatically create e-mails attaching PSC rectification reports designated by the Panama administration and Rightship and manage them.

Summary report Output a summary report for PSC performance, deficiency items frequently recorded on your fleet and in the trends of frequently visited ports or countries.

Regulation calendar Display requirements of the IMO international convention from our site and local regulations informed by our technical information applied on your managing ships in a calendar format.

Close communication with crews・task It is possible to communicate with the land staff in a chat format with mobile app., such as PSC reports and malfunction of each equipment. In addition, by utilizing the task status management function, it is possible to prevent omission of correspondence to the task.

Checklist By creating any checklists and report forms stipulated in the Safety Management Manual on the PC version, they are automatically linked to the mobile app. of the managed ships, allowing them to easily implement them and transmit on mobile devices. It is also possible to confirm the checklists and reports from the mobile app. on PC version.
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PrimeShip-PSC Intelligence is a free system for the owners and operators of NK-classed vessels or vessels whose ISM/ISPS/MLC are registered with NK (Hereinafter referred to "NK customers"). For the NK customers using our “NK-SHIPS” service, this system is available from the “PrimeShip–PSC Intelligence” link displayed after logging into “Web Service Portal” by using the USER ID and password of “NK-SHIPS”. Therefore, it is not necessary to apply for the system. Registration of your fleet to the system is made simple by linking data from “NK SHIPS”. Therefore, it is recommended to register for “NK-SHIPS”. Please note that Sub-user ID and Temporary-User ID of NK-SHIPS can not be used for this system.

The application for “NK-SHIPS” is available from the following site. (NK-SHIPS)

For the NK customers not using “NK-SHIPS”, please fill out the following application and send it to after confirming the following Terms and Conditions for PrimeShip - PSC intelligence.
Terms and Conditions for Primeship – PSC Intelligence
Application for PrimeShip-PSC Intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the following frequently asked questions.
Frequently Asked Questions about PSC Intelligence

Application and Inquiries about PrimeShip-PSC Intelligence

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