Online web application service for surveys and audits linked with NK-SHIPS information.

e-Application is an online application service for class surveys and statutory surveys of ships in service, ISM/ISPS ships audits, MLC shipboard inspections, and ISM company audits. Furthermore, Survey Programme required for ships subject to Enhanced Survey Programme (ESP) can be prepared and submitted.
Since e-Application links with NK-SHIPS, applications for necessary surveys can be easily made using NK-SHIPS.

Please refer to the e-Application pamphlet found below for more details.


For customers using our “NK-SHIPS” service, this system is available from the “e-Application” link displayed after logging into “Web Service Portal” by using the USER ID and password of “NK-SHIPS”.

Web Service Portal

An application for “NK-SHIPS” is available from the following site.

Inquiries about service details and operation

Information Technology Department, E-Mail: tid@classnk.or.jp

Inquiries about application

Nearest ClassNK Office (Refer to Directory) or
For Class and Statutory survey: Survey Department, E-Mail: svd@classnk.or.jp
For ISM/ISPS audit and MLC inspection: Ship Management Systems Dept. E-Mail: smd@classnk.or.jp