ClassNK e-Product

ClassNK e-Product is an online service for surveys of Material and Equipment. Using this service makes it easy to apply individual inspections of ship supplies (materials, machinery, equipment, etc.) and receive electronic certificates and invoices.
Additionally, this service will automatically notify applicants by e-mail upon accepting your applications (including changes to the contents) by NK, and issuing certificates and invoices from NK.

User Registration

You can use ClassNK e-Product by creating a company/workshop account and registering as a user from the following site:

ClassNK e-Product
For more information, please refer to the following user guide and FAQ:

Electronic Certificates

The certificates issued by ClassNK e-Product are secured electronic files. They are electronically signed and record the certification and tampering histories. You can check the certificates from the verification site of the certificates by reading the Tracking ID or QR code shown on each certificate.

ClassNK e-Certificate Verification


An example of Electronic Certificates and Verification Sites

Inquiries about service details and operation



一般财团法人 日本海事协会 信息技术部
TEL: +81-43-294-5467


一般财团法人 日本海事协会材料舾装部(舾装件、货物装卸设备、金属・非金属材料)
TEL: +81-3-5226-2020
一般财团法人 日本海事协会轮机部(船用机械/设备、管道系统、电气设备和阀门)
TEL: +81-3-5226-2022
一般财团法人 日本海事协会船体部(封闭装置、舱口盖、焊接结构)
TEL: +81-3-5226-2017