"PrimeShip-HULL for Harmonised CSR" is a powerful advanced calculation software package that was independently developed and released by ClassNK for use with the IACS' Common Structural Rules for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers (CSR BC & OT).

This software package was especially developed with designers and shipyards in mind and it represents a complete change from the approach taken when developing our other CSR software products. Making use of our years of experience in software development, the latest advancements in information technology, and feedback received from leading designers and shipyards with respect to our existing CSR software line, we strongly believe that we have created a unique software package that is more than capable of helping you ensure that your new ship designs are CSR BC & OT compliant.

Due to the development of many new functions as well as large improvements made in functions found in our existing CSR software, "PrimeShip-HULL for Harmonised CSR" is a powerful total design support tool that will help designers of bulk carriers and oil tankers to ensure their designs are efficient and CSR BC & OT compliant.

In the future, we will continue to look for ways to improve the functionality of "PrimeShip-HULL for Harmonised CSR" as well as update it in a timely manner so that it reflects recent amendments made to the IACS CSR BC & OT. Our goal is to always be able to provide highly efficient and powerful support to our customers.

World's First CSR BC & OT Software


The various features of "PrimeShip-HULL for Harmonised CSR" make it a total design support tool that can be used throughout the entire design process.

Design lead time shortened

"PrimeShip-HULL for Harmonised CSR" makes use of a data linkage system which is capable of using all leading commercial 3D CAD systems as well as a 3D-model generating function for hull structural analysis directly from rule calculation data; therefore, there is no longer any need to re-input model data such as dimensions, tank capacity and over and over again each the model is used with a different software tool.

Structural optimization

"PrimeShip-HULL for Harmonised CSR" supports structural optimization through powerful functions such as "Case Study Tool," "Automatic Calculation of Required Scantlings," etc. to ensure the logical arrangement of steel material at the initial design stage.

Design quality improved

In order to help ensure the transparency of calculation flow and intermediate parameters, "PrimeShip-HULL for Harmonised CSR" is able to output detailed calculation log reports which allow users to easily understand and follow the entire calculation process from start to finish. These reports also make it easy to verify calculation results and examine how modifications in certain parameters will affect a case study.


The "PrimeShip-HULL for Harmonised CSR" software package includes all of the following:

PrimeShip-HULL(Rules)/Harmonised CSR[Rule Calculation]

This rule calculation tool allows all of the calculations required by the CSR BC & OT to be performed precisely and quickly; moreover, the results of each of these calculations as well as other important information can be easily outputted in various formats. Using this tool, you will be able to carry out cross section calculations, hull girder strength assessments, local strength assessments, fatigue strength assessments and buckling strength assessments, etc. for the entire length of the ship.

PrimeShip-HULL(DSA)/Harmonised CSR [Direct Strength Calculation for HyperWorks]

This direct strength calculation tool allows users to conduct Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and perform strength assessments. Using Altair’s HyperWorks as its platform, this tool strongly supports structural assessment work by providing design loads, boundary conditions, etc. in accordance with the CSR BC & OT requirements, thus making it possible for users to carry out a series of direct strength analyses.


Support Site

The latest information (e.g., software updates, operation manuals, etc.) for "PrimeShips-HULL for Harmonised CSR" is provided for users on the "PrimeShip-HULL for Harmonised CSR Support Site." The support site can be accessed by using the bottom of this page.

Support Desk

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PrimeShip-HULL Support Desk
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Fax: +(81)-3-5226-2172