PrimeShip and the concept of "Total Ship Care"

In its continuing efforts to provide the latest and best technicalservices,ClassNK conducts research and development into advanced technologies based on the data and extensive technical experience it has accumulated over more than a century of ship classification experience, in order to meet the needs of the marine community.
This work is aimed at supporting ship safety at every stage of a ship's life from inception and design through construction, operation, management, maintenance, and related activities. Aspects of all these lifecycle processes of a ship are integrated in an interactive, consistent and harmonized manner as part of a comprehensive system known as PrimeShip.

In short, PrimeShip is the collective name for the technically advanced and reliable systems and services comprising a total ship care system developed and offered by ClassNK and aimed at contributing to ensuring the comprehensive safety of ships throughout their operating lives as well as the prevention of marine pollution.
PrimeShip integrates the existing software systems, guidances, databases and other services with state-of-the-art technologies to dynamically improve the efficiency of the service offered by the Society to support total ship care. New programs and systems are continually being developed by ClassNK to enhance the effectiveness of PrimeShip to meet the technological needs of clients worldwide.

The Systems and Services of PrimeShip

PrimeShip includes products that are directly available to clients as well as a range of technical services offered based on related products and systems. All of these programs, systems and services are undergoing constant consolidation and refinement so as to be an ever better integral part of the PrimeShip total ship care philosophy. Major components of PrimeShip, including those under development, are shown in the followings.

PrimeShip Software and Services

PrimeShip Total Ship Care all brochures (10.8MB)


  • PrimeShip-HULL Ship Structure Design Support System  Brochure
    • PrimeShip-HULL Software for Part C Rules 
      For details, please refer to PrimeShip-HULL.
    • PrimeShip-HULL/HCSR Software for CSR BC & OT 
      For details, please refer to Software for CSR BC&OT.
  • PrimeShip-CTF for PSPC Coating Technical File (CTF) Preparation Support System  Brochure


  • PrimeShip-SHAFT Shaft Alignment Analysis Program  Brochure
  • PrimeShip-CRANK Crankshaft Stress Calculation Service  Brochure
  • PrimeShip-TORRES Shaft Torsional Vibration Analysis Service  Brochure


  • PrimeShip-ETAS Emergency Technical Assistance Service  Brochure
  • PrimeShip-PSC Intelligence Support System for PSC Performance Improvement  Brochure
  • PrimeShip-CHEMISYS Integrated Database System for Chemical Products  Brochure
  • PrimeShip-CAP Condition Assessment Programme  Brochure