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2019/12/26 ClassNK begins publication of ClassNK Technical Journal
2019/12/17 ClassNK grants AiP to NS United Kaiun Kaisha and Imabari Shipbuilding for their joint project on the concept design of LNG-fueled capesize bulker
2019/12/16 ClassNK certifies NYK Group Ship Management Company’s Cyber Security Management System
2019/11/26 ClassNK signs a joint research agreement for Condition-based Maintenance
2019/10/29 ClassNK releases Guidelines for the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (Ver.4.00)
2019/10/18 “K” LINE, MOL, & NYK Share Data with ONE through the Common Data Platform “IoS-OP”
2019/10/10 ClassNK participates in the Getting to Zero Coalition
2019/10/04 ClassNK releases “Guidelines for Remote Surveys” - ICT utilization in remote surveys
2019/10/03 ClassNK grants AIP related to Wind Challenger Project
2019/10/01 ClassNK releases “Booklet for ship crew members: Precautions concerning change-over to 0.50% sulphur compliant fuel oils”
2019/09/26 ClassNK Advises Existing Ships to Install Ballast Water Management Systems Early On (Updated in September 2019)
2019/09/24 ClassNK grants AIP on LPG Reformer for marine engines
2019/09/09 ClassNK establishes cross-sectional cyber security team
2019/09/04 ClassNK releases Guidelines for Wind-Assisted Propulsion Systems for Ships
2019/08/27 ClassNK reorganizes its structure to support the industry with the 2020 Sulphur Cap
2019/08/05 ClassNK participates in a Working Group for Zero Emission Alternative Fuels
2019/07/02 ClassNK releases Annual Report on Port State Control
2019/06/14 ClassNK releases amendments to class rules
2019/06/13 ClassNK releases Guidelines for Ships Using Low-Flashpoint Fuels (Methyl/Ethyl Alcohol/LPG)
2019/06/04 ClassNK releases Guidelines for Software Security
2019/04/15 ClassNK Releases Cyber Security Management System for Ships
2019/04/09 Global launch of data utilization platform announced at Sea Asia Exhibition
2019/04/02 ClassNK Provides Support with the 2020 Sulphur Cap
2019/03/29 ClassNK Releases its Cyber Security Approach
2019/03/12 ClassNK appoints new Senior Executive Vice President
2019/02/12 ClassNK releases new PrimeShip-HULL (HCSR) software
2019/01/31 ClassNK grants AIP to Kawasaki Heavy Industries for their project on an LNG-fuelled 207K DWT bulk carrier design