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2021/12/27 ClassNK releases amendments to class rules
2021/12/23 ClassNK releases “PrimeShip-PSC Intelligence”, mobile app for improving ship management system and PSC performance
2021/12/20 ClassNK will make electronic certificates and reports as standard from January 2022
2021/12/15 Project for Developing a Remote-Engine-Monitoring System that Utilizes Simulators as the Core Technology Started
2021/12/14 ClassNK grants Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions to U-MING’s “Fleet Safety Management(FSM) System”
2021/12/09 ClassNK releases Guidelines for Remote Surveys (Ver. 3.0) -General update to enable efficient onboard preparation for remote surveys-
2021/12/08 ClassNK issues Approval in Principle (AiP) for Ammonia-fuelled PCC developed by “K” LINE and Shin Kurushima Dockyard
2021/12/03 ClassNK adds liquefied hydrogen carrier to its register
-World’s first liquefied hydrogen carrier built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries-
2021/11/25 ClassNK signs Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on cybersecurity with Panama Maritime Authority (PMA)
2021/11/22 ClassNK obtains ISO27001 certification
2021/11/15 ClassNK grants Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions to SEAHARMONY’s“SEAWALKER web platform”
2021/11/08 ClassNK grants its first “CybR-G” notation for cyber secured ship design
2021/11/05 ClassNK releases “PrimeShip-GREEN/MinPower ver.2.0” as support tool evaluating minimum propulsion power requirement for ships in compliance with latest IMO guidelines
2021/10/26 Demonstration Project Begins for Commercialization of Vessels Equipped with Domestically Produced Ammonia-Fueled Engine
2021/10/25 ClassNK grants Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions to Weathernews's CIM(Carbon Intensity Monitoring)
2021/10/18 ClassNK Archive Center (NKAC) is upgraded to be more convenient
-Also simplifying procedures including application-
2021/10/06 ClassNK extends “Zero-Emission Transition Support Services”
2021/09/22 ClassNK joins as signatory to Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization
2021/09/10 ClassNK releases “Guidelines for Ships Using Alternative Fuels(Edition1.1)”
-Adding safety requirements for ammonia-fueled ships, and revising “Alternative Fuel Ready” notation-
2021/08/27 ClassNK releases Data Quality Guidelines
-Outlining Quality Control for Shipboard Data-
2021/08/23 ClassNK releases Guidelines for Additive Manufacturing(3D Printing)
2021/08/12 ClassNK releases “Handling of the use of biofuels on ships”
-Supporting the safe and proper use of biofuels-
2021/08/05 ClassNK releases “ClassNK Technical Journal”-Introducing the latest trend in Autonomous Ships-
2021/08/04 ClassNK grants its first DSS(Hull Monitoring) notation for 211,000DWT bulk carrier “DREAM CLOVER”
2021/07/20 ClassNK grants Innovation Endorsement certification to TSUNEISHI FACILITIES & CRAFT CO., LTD. -First “Provider Certification” for organizations-
2021/07/19 “Ship Carbon Recycling Working Group” of Japan's Carbon Capture & Reuse Study Group has confirmed that carbon recycled methane can be recognized as zero emission ship fuel
2021/07/15 ClassNK and the Carbon Trust sign agreement to support progress of offshore wind power generation in Japan
2021/07/12 ClassNK conducts third-party verification of GHG emissions from entire value chain - including Scope 3 emissions - of NS United Kaiun Kaisha and issues a GHG verification statement
2021/07/08 ClassNK publishes an onboard poster describing common issues and recommended measures when using compliant fuel oil
2021/07/05 ClassNK enhances support for shipping’s transition to zero-emission -Tool for EEXI compliance released-
2021/06/30 ClassNK releases Guidelines for Hull Monitoring
(ShipDC) ShipDC welcomes Navarino to IoS-OP
2021/06/23 ClassNK updates EEXI and CII information following MEPC76
2021/06/18 ClassNK expands scope of Innovation Endorsement
2021/06/16 ClassNK grants AiP to TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING for concept design of LNG-fueled bulker “KAMSARMAX GF”
2021/06/11 ClassNK and 22 industry players kick off studying ammonia as an alternative marine fuel
2021/06/02 Agreement Reached with Yara International for Joint Study of Ammonia-Fueled Ammonia Gas Carrier
2021/05/26 ClassNK grants AiP to “Aquarius Marine Renewable Energy with EnergySail”, a Renewable Energy System for Ships developed by Eco Marine Power
2021/05/25 ClassNK releases CBM Guidelines (Edition 2.0) -contain case studies based on risk evaluation of CBM implementation-
2021/05/12 (ShipDC)TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING collects actual operation data by IoS-OP - Utilizing IoS-OP from sea trial of new ship under construction -
ClassNK entrusted by Anchor Ship Partners Co., Ltd. with the evaluation of CO2 emissions of ships for its impact investment fund
2021/05/07 ClassNK certifies Alpha Ori’s AssetAI as Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions
ClassNK issues Approval in Principle (AiP) for Cargo Containment System for Large Liquefied Hydrogen Carrier developed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries
2021/04/27 (ShipDC) IoS-OP fully utilized in bulk carrier built by Shin Kurushima Sanoyas Shipbuilding
2021/04/19 (ShipDC) IoS-OP holds Taiwan seminar to introduce its data sharing initiative
2021/04/14 ONE is added to ISO9001 certification registry of ClassNK
2021/04/12 ClassNK certifies "Sunflame Smart Support System" as Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions
2021/03/31 ClassNK Opens Kyushu Regional Office in Hakata, Japan
2021/03/25 NAPA, MOL, and ClassNK agree to joint further development for a comprehensive navigational risk monitoring system
ClassNK begins joint investigative research with Sompo Japan on risk assessment of autonomous ships
2021/03/22 ClassNK issues AiP for design of methanol dual-fueled tanker
2021/03/16 ClassNK certifies “SOPass” as Innovation Endorsement for Product & Solutions
2021/03/12 ClassNK grants its first Remote Survey (RMSV) notation to newbuilding
2021/03/08 ClassNK releases Guidelines for ROV/AUV
2021/03/04 (ShipDC) marineworks makes its mark as first Korean company to join IoS-OP
2021/03/02 ClassNK releases new PrimeShip-HULL (HCSR) software
2021/03/01 (ShipDC) MOL to expand sharing of ship operation data
2021/02/24 ClassNK grants its first Remote Survey (RMSV) notation for PCC ORCA ACE
2021/02/02 (ShipDC) “K” LINE to expand sharing of ship operation data to enhance utilization of big data in the maritime industry
2021/01/27 ClassNK updates “Guidelines for Remote Surveys”
2021/01/14 ClassNK certifies “Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions” as its first Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions
2021/01/05 ClassNK Advises Existing Ships to Install Ballast Water Management Systems Early On (Updated in January 2021)
2021/01/04 ClassNK releases Guideline for Survey and Facilities/Equipment of LNG Bunkering Ships