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2020/12/17 (ShipDC) NYK to Expand the Number of Ships Sharing Data via ShipDC's IoS-OP
2020/12/15 e5 Lab and ClassNK sign joint research agreement on cyber security
2020/11/02 ClassNK releases Guidelines for Liquefied Gas Carrier Structures
2020/10/28 ClassNK has granted its first “Digital Smart Ship(DSS)” notation for LNG-fueled PCTC “SAKURA LEADER”
2020/10/01 ClassNK opens new survey offices in Kandla and Valencia
2020/09/24 ClassNK releases Guidelines for Use of Highly Ductile Steel
2020/09/11 ClassNK conducted the third-party verification with a reasonable level of assurance for IINO LINES’ GHG assertion
2020/09/03 Joint R&D Starts for Practical Application of Ammonia-fueled Tugboat
2020/09/01 Demonstration Project Begins for Commercialization of Vessels Equipped with High-power Fuel Cells
2020/08/31 ClassNK takes part in “CC-Ocean” Project to test Small Scale Demonstration Plant as Marine-based CO2 Capture System with “K” Line and Mitsubishi Shipbuilding
2020/08/28 ClassNK releases “Guidelines for Digital Smart Ship” as part of its Innovation Endorsement initiative
2020/08/19 ClassNK grants AIP to “K” Line and Airseas for their Seawing kite system
2020/08/12 Joint R&D Starts for Use of Ammonia in Marine Transportation to Reduce GHG Emissions
2020/07/31 ClassNK launches “Innovation Endorsement” service for certifying innovative technology
2020/07/17 ClassNK releases Guidelines for Designing Cyber Security Onboard Ships (Second Edition)
2020/07/16 Nine companies have started “Ship Carbon Recycling WG” of Japan's CCR Study Group
2020/07/07 ClassNK Joins the Maritime Transportation System ISAC to Help Address Cybersecurity Risks
2020/07/03 ClassNK releases amendments to class rules
2020/07/02 ClassNK releases Annual Report on Port State Control
2020/06/24 ClassNK wins the Safety Initiative Award at the Seatrade Maritime Awards Asia 2020
2020/05/14 ClassNK grants AiP to NYK Line and MTI for their joint project on the concept design of an autonomous ship framework
2020/04/30 Joint Agreement Reached for GHG Zero-Emission Ship
2020/04/27 ClassNK grants world-first AiP to Imabari Shipbuilding for their concept design of a 180,000 DWT LPG dual fuelled bulk carrier
2020/04/01 ClassNK grants AiP to SHIN KURUSHIMA DOCKYARD for their concept design of an LNG-fueled chemical tanker
2020/03/31 ClassNK establishes "Rules for the Survey and Construction of Governmental and Naval Ships"
2020/03/30 ClassNK releases Guidelines for Non-destructive Inspection by Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing
2020/03/19 ClassNK completes joint feasibility study on 3D model based approval with JMU and NAPA
2020/03/18 ClassNK appoints new President & CEO and executives
2020/03/13 ClassNK grants AiP on LPG reformed gas fueled coastal LPG carrier
2020/03/09 ClassNK releases CBM Guidelines
2020/03/04 ClassNK obtains accreditation as a GHG emission verification body in the international aviation industry
2020/02/25 ClassNK develops its Digital Grand Design 2030
2020/02/07 ClassNK releases new PrimeShip-HULL (HCSR) software
2020/02/05 ClassNK grants AiP to Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd for their LPG Fuel Supply System
2020/01/15 ClassNK issues Hong Kong Convention Statement of Compliance to Ship Recycling Facility in Bangladesh
2020/01/09 ClassNK releases Guidelines for Automated/Autonomous Operation of ships
2020/01/06 ClassNK releases amendments to class rules