Technical Services for Renewable Energy

ClassNK provides a variety of technical services not covered by certification or third-party verification as third party upon request.
In addition to the services listed below, we can also provide other services upon request to the extent possible.

(1) Acting for inspections on behalf of the Requester, etc.

(2) Third-party attestation or appraisal for testing and inspection of materials, structures, equipment, etc.

(3) Technical investigation of manufacturing factory / sites, and technical evaluation of manufacturing processes, etc.

(4) Evaluation of construction plans for offshore wind farm construction work.

(5) Third-party attestation or appraisal of the damage or current condition of structures and equipment, etc.

(6) Third-party attestation (including issuance of an Approval in Principle (AIP)) for design, etc.

(7) Other technical services deemed appropriate by ClassNK.

ClassNK publishes the following documents for Technical Services for Renewable Energy.

Documentation Document No. Document type
Technical Services for Renewable Energy Service Procedure NKRE-SP-0008
Edition: October 2022
Request for Quotation RE-130-01 PDF Word
Application RE-130-02 PDF Word

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