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2018/12/05 ClassNK opens new survey office in Reggio Calabria
2018/11/12 ClassNK and TÜV Rheinland Sign Partnership Agreement for Cybersecurity Services
2018/11/07 ONE is added to ISO14001 certification registry of ClassNK
2018/11/01 ClassNK Releases “PrimeShip-GREEN/ProSTA ver.ITTC”
2018/10/29 ClassNK Archive Center (NKAC) stores the first IMO GBS Ship Construction Files of NACKS-built VLCC
2018/10/25 ClassNK releases amendments to class rules
2018/10/12 ClassNK releases “ClassNK MRV Portal (IMO DCS)”
2018/10/05 ClassNK releases Guidelines for Vehicles Carrier Structures
2018/09/28 ClassNK Advises Existing Ships to Install Ballast Water Management Systems Early On
2018/09/25 ClassNK releases “PrimeShip-PSC Intelligence”, software for improving PSC performance
2018/07/09 ClassNK releases Guidelines for Liquefied Gas Carrier Structures - Indepent Prismatic Tanks - (Second Edition)
2018/07/05 ClassNK grants AIP to NYK Line and Japan Marine United for their joint research on an LNG-fuelled 200K DWT bulk carrier design
2018/06/29 ClassNK releases amendments to class rules
2018/06/27 ClassNK releases Annual Report on Port State Control
2018/06/07 ClassNK releases Guidelines for Liquefied Gas Carrier Structures –Independent Prismatic Tanks –
2018/06/04 ClassNK releases Guidelines for Concept Design of Automated Operation/Autonomous Operation of ships
2018/04/27 ClassNK Electronic Certificate System wins Technical Innovation Award at Seatrade Maritime Awards Asia 2018
2018/04/09 ClassNK releases Guidelines for Use of Drones in Class Surveys
2018/03/19 ClassNK releases Guidelines for Direct Load Analysis and Strength Assessment
2018/03/07 ClassNK Executive Officers Election, Corporate Officer System and Reorganization
2018/02/15 ClassNK releases new PrimeShip-HULL (HCSR) software