Online web application service for surveys of Material and Equipment.

"e-Product" is intended to enable the online application for survey of material and equipment. By using "e-Product", the manufacturers of material and equipment can easily send survey applications.

This service is available to all registered users who have an account on the web service portal.

Applications and Inquiries

To register as an e-Product user, complete the "Application for e-Product Internet Service", and send the application to your nearest ClassNK Office(Refer to Directory).

Application and Inquiries about ID, Password Inquiries about service details and operation
Nearest ClassNK Office(Refer to Directory) Nearest ClassNK Office(Refer to Directory) or
Machinery Department, NIPPON KAIJI KYOKAI
FAX: +81-3-5226-2024 E-Mail : mcd@classnk.or.jp