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Publication of the 2024 Rules and Guidance in our website

The latest web application and PDF versions of the ClassNK Technical Rules and Guidance are now available to registered ClassNK MyPage users for free downloading and viewing via the “ClassNK RuleViewer” and “Technical Rules and Guidance” sections of their MyPage accounts. These December 2023 versions reflect rule amendments made during 2023, including those dated 22 December 2023.

As part of its efforts to reduce the amount of paper and other materials its uses for daily business operations, ClassNK has discontinued producing hard copy and DVD-ROM versions of its Technical Rules and Guidance. The digitisation of the Rules and Guidance and the introduction of the "ClassNK RuleViewer" web application are just a few of ClassNK’s continued efforts in providing cost efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable services that benefit not only its clients but society as a whole. The “ClassNK RuleViewer” lets MyPage users conveniently view the Rules and Guidance in a web browser format that also provides easy access to other information and materials (e.g. amended part, effective date, relevant document) through hyperlinks. The Society intends to continue enhancing the features and functions of the "ClassNK RuleViewer" as part of its ongoing digitalisation efforts.

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