Press Release

ClassNK releases white paper “Towards MASS social implementation”
- Framework proposal to design, develop, and operate autonomous ships -

27 April 2023

Tokyo - ClassNK has released its white paper "Towards MASS social implementation".

Regarding the development of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS), various efforts gaining momentum worldwide, including the Nippon Foundation MEGURI 2040 Fully Autonomous Ship Program. The push for international rule establishment has been further intensified as the IMO MSC has agreed on a work plan to set forth mandatory requirements effective from 2028.

In light of the growing possibility of MASS becoming a reality by 2025, ClassNK has published the white paper focusing on ensuring the safety of MASS by leveraging its expertise gained through participation in demonstration projects, standard-setting, related certification, and research on trends within and beyond the maritime industry. The white paper is expected to serve as a reference in discussions among a wide range of MASS stakeholders involved in their development, operation, business creation, and regulatory establishment.

The white paper outlines use cases of MASS, perspectives on safety requirements, gaps with existing technologies, and risk assessments, and also proposes framework for safety assessment at the design and development phase, and the PDCA cycle at the operational phase.

ClassNK continues to contribute to the social implementation of MASS not only by standard-setting and certification as a class society but also by offering related insights.

The white paper is available to download via “Technical Publications” of My Page on ClassNK’s website after registration.

ClassNK - EOD