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ClassNK grants Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions to TIMP developed by Terasaki Electric Co., Ltd

26 April 2023

Tokyo - ClassNK has granted its Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions to an onboard data platform called TMIP (TERASAKI Marine Information Platform) developed by Terasaki Electric Co., Ltd.

In order to promote the spread and development of innovative technologies, ClassNK has offered Innovation Endorsement as a swift certification service in cooperation with technological front runners to establish appropriate evaluation criteria. Among the certification categories, "Products & Solutions" covers equipment and software technology with innovative functions.

TMIP is an onboard data platform that collects and stores various onboard data, and provides data to applications. It contributes to data utilization and optimization of onboard work.

ClassNK has verified the functions of TMIP, 1. Functions to provide data to Solution Provider (SP) as Platform Provider (PP) defined by IoS-OP*, 2. Data collection by various methods such as communication with other devices and direct input from sensors, 3. High-speed cycle and long-term data collection, and the collected data can be saved as a file in any channel and at any cycle, 4. Auto data save before and after a status change such as a device failure, 5. Redundancy is available with two computers to continue saving data safely in case an error occurs.

ClassNK will continue to further promote its Innovation Endorsement for Ships, Products & Solutions, and Providers, and strive to support innovative technologies and initiatives.

* IoS-OP is a universal platform consisting of rules established in the maritime industry and a data center. It was developed in order to enable the sharing of vessel operational data between stakeholders, the sale of usage rights to shipyards and manufacturers, and many other services without data providers losing profit. It is operated by Ship Data Center Co., Ltd. (ShipDC), a wholly owned subsidiary of ClassNK. On IoS-OP, Platform Provider (PP) provides a shipboard data server, and Solution Provider (SP) provides a shore application respectively. Detail about IoS-OP is available on the following page.

TMIP receives Innovation Endorsement certificate from ClassNK

ClassNK Innovation Endorsement at a glance:

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