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ClassNK releases web application to view Rules and Guidances

30 September 2022

Tokyo - ClassNK has released a new web application “ClassNK RuleViewer” to view its Rules and Guidances on a browser.

The application allows users not only to search and view the latest ClassNK’s Rules for the Survey and Construction of Steel ships and Guidances, which supplements the Rules, but also to browse the information associated with individual texts such as application conditions and related articles efficiently. Compared with conventional PDF and paper-based ones, it offers improved readability and saves time to find the necessary information.

The main features are as follows:

  • Displaying the Rules and their corresponding Guidances side by side
  • Links to the referenced Rules and Guidances
  • Displaying the application conditions of the Rules (date of application, ship type, etc.)*

In addition to enhancing registered information and search functions, ClassNK will continue improving functions such as mobile compatibility to provide users with more valuable rules-related information.

ClassNK RuleViewer is available at “MyPage” on its website. PDF and paper-based Rules and Guidances remain available.

MyPage URL:

*The coverage will be extended in due course.

Screen image:

ClassNK - EOD