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ClassNK grants highest Innovation Endorsement Provider certification to NYK

31 March 2022

-First “Class S Provider Certification” for organization sustainably implementing innovation-

Tokyo – Leading Classification Society ClassNK granted the first of its highest Class S Innovation Endorsement Provider Certification for organizations to Marine Group of Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK).

ClassNK offers its third-party Innovation Endorsement "Provider Certification", which supports innovative initiatives, to companies and organizations. As companies pursue ESG-oriented management and SDGs, ClassNK conducts the third-party certification on the initiatives to transform their own business methods and organizations in order to establish sustainable and competitive business. There are three categolies of certification available to companies according to their innovation activity stage.

Class C (Concept: Organizational policy and system in place for innovation)
Class D (Development: Specific innovation activities being carried out)
Class S (Sustainable Implementation: Sustainable innovation with results implemented in the business)

Upon receiving NYK’s application, innovation specialists of the society carried out the verification focused mainly on the company’s Marine Group’s initiatives for a digital ship management system. At NYK's Remote Diagnostic Center (RDC)*1, marine engineers (Experts) with specialized knowledge and experience examine the results of abnormality detection obtained from operational data and an AI-based anormaly detection system developed with a group company MTI Co., Ltd. to ensure a higher level of the safety.

Through interviews with many stakeholders and confirmation of outcomes from efforts for innovations, ClassNK verified the top management's commitment to the company's innovation activity for improving the safety of ships in operation, as well as its establishment and implementation as a management system.

As NYK’s initiatives were found to meet the requirements of the Class S stage, ClassNK issued its first such Innovation Endorsement Certificate for Providers. Class S certification indicates that the company has established and is operating a management system to enable effective innovation activity, and is solving social issues and continuously creating new value through the utilization of ship IoT data and human resources.

ClassNK will further promote its Innovation Endorsement for Ships, Products & Solutions, and Providers, and strive to support innovative technologies and initiatives.

*1 Remote Diagnostic Center
Where AI and marine engineers remotely diagnose and monitor the engine plant conditions of approximately 200 ships equipped with the Ship Information Management System (SIMS), an IoT data management system for ships, 24 hours a day. Location: Manila, Philippines.

Right: Mr. Tomoyuki Koyama, Senior Managing Executive Officer, NYK
Left: Mr. Hiroaki Sakashita, President & CEO, ClassNK

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