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ClassNK releases report “ClassNK Alternative Fuels Insight” - Supporting appropriate fuel selection by providing information on alternative fuels -

Tokyo – ClassNK has released the report “ClassNK Alternative Fuels Insight,” which summarizes the characteristics and latest trends of alternative fuels to support our customers’ future fuel selection.

Amidst the pressing need for society-wide reduction of GHG emissions, regulations aimed at further promoting GHG emission reductions in international shipping are being introduced. This heralds the arrival of an era where GHG emissions from ships will incur costs. In such a situation, for reducing GHG emissions from ships, alongside energy efficiency improvements, the adoption of alternative fuels with lower environmental impacts will become essential in the future. However, given the wide range of alternative fuels available for ships, it is necessary to understand not only the technical aspects but also the trends, including fuel availability and cost forecasts, to make appropriate fuel selections.

In the "ClassNK Alternative Fuels Insight," the characteristics and latest trends of alternative fuels are summarized in an easy-to-understand manner across the following four chapters.

■Understanding regulations
Introduces the GHG-related regulations by the IMO and EU, which are expected to significantly impact the future maritime transport business.

■Understanding trends
Introduces an overview of the adoption trends of alternative fuels, including their utilization across different ship types and sizes.

■Understanding alternative fuels
Introduces the characteristics of each alternative fuel, along with information on their costs, supply prospects, and other relevant factors.

■Understanding costs
Explains the cost factors to consider in future fuel transitions and the cost simulation conducted by ClassNK.

The “ClassNK Alternative Fuels Insight” is planned for continuous updates according to the latest trends of alternative fuels and regulations in international shipping.

ClassNK will continue to provide such useful information as part of the "ClassNK Transition Support Services," which support our customers' smooth transition to zero-emission.

“ClassNK Alternative Fuels Insight” is available on the following page of ClassNK’s website.

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