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ClassNK grants Innovation Endorsements for Products & Solutions to three solutions developed by iO3

16 April 2024

Tokyo - ClassNK has granted its Innovation Endorsements for Products & Solutions*1 to an internet payment facility “V.Pay”, an AI maritime camera surveillance solution “V.Sight”, and a wearable AR smart-glass solution “V.Sion“, developed by iO3 Pte Ltd.

ClassNK has verified the functions of “V.Pay”, 1. crew internet payment facility with user-friendly portal, 2. Flexible Wi-Fi plans, 3. payment integration, 4. real-time account management, 5. simplified crew internet access.

For “V.Sight”, ClassNK has reviewed 1. maritime camera surveillance with AI video analytics, 2. behavioral analysis, 3. environmental monitoring and real-time alerts, 4. cloud-based data storage, 5. secure data transmission through a combination of encryption, authentication, and secure protocols.

ClassNK has also examined “V.Sion” functions, 1. real-time smart conferencing and hands-free operation, 2. remote assistance for maintenance tasks, reducing downtime, 3. efficient inspections enable the monitoring of environmental conditions and compliance with regulations, 4. remote virtual medical assistance walkthrough, 5. secure data transmission through a combination of encryption, authentication, and secure protocols, and issued certificates to the company.

Ms. Joanna Soh, VP Sales & Marketing of iO3 said, "We are thrilled to receive the Innovation Endorsement from ClassNK for our V.Suite digital solutions. This recognition underscores the practical impact of our solutions, empowering ship owners and operators with advanced tools to optimize operations, enhance security measures, and drive efficiencies, ultimately boosting fleet performance in today's dynamic maritime landscape."

Mr. Masaki Matsunaga, Executive Vice President, ClassNK said, “We are pleased to recognize iO3’s V.Suite digital solutions with our Innovation Endorsement. IT solutions exemplify the kind of forward-thinking innovation that is essential for driving the maritime industry forward. We anticipate the positive impact these solutions and certifications will have on the industry."

*1 In order to promote the spread and development of innovative technologies, ClassNK has offered Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions. ClassNK supports the deployment of products and services through third-party certification for equipment and software technology with innovative functions. The detailed information is available on the following page of ClassNK website:
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Innovation Endorsements Handover Ceremony at Sea Japan 2024

Right: Ms. Joanna Soh, Vice President Sales & Marketing, iO3
Left: Mr. Masaki Matsunaga, Executive Vice President, ClassNK

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