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ClassNK issues Statement of Fact (SOF) for Methane Slip Reduction System developed by Hitachi Zosen, MOL and Yanmar PT

11 April 2024

Tokyo - ClassNK has verified the methane slip reduction effect of the methane slip reduction system*1 jointly developed by Hitachi Zosen Corporation, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) and Yanmar Power Technology Co., Ltd. (Yanmar PT), and issued a Statement of Fact (SOF).

A concept of the methane oxidation catalyst system*2 was designed by Hitachi Zosen and Yanmar PT as part of a project which was adopted by Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) as "Development of Methane Slip Reduction Technology from LNG Fueled Vessels by Improving Catalysts and Engines"*3 under the Green Innovation Fund, and ClassNK issued approval in principle (AiP) for that conceptual design.

Based on the test procedure submitted by Yanmar PT, ClassNK has issued a SOF upon confirming the methane slip reduction effect under LNG combustion conditions of marine dual-fuel engines equipped with a methane slip reduction system.

Starting around autumn 2024, a large coal carrier operated by MOL is planned to undergo trial in actual sea areas. ClassNK will continue to ensure the environment for the early establishment of decarbonization technologies by providing technical verifications for advanced initiatives.

*1 The system consists of Exhaust Gas Recirculation System and Methane Oxidation Catalysis System

*2 The device is designed to reduce methane slip by placing a methane oxidation catalyst in the exhaust piping of an LNG-fueled engine and oxidizing the unburned methane on the catalyst

*3 In this project, the partner companies aim to achieve a methane slip reduction rate of more than 70% for LNG-fueled vessels over a six-year period from FY2021 to FY2026. The reduction will be achieved by combining methane oxidation catalysts and engine improvements thereby further reducing the environmental impact of LNG-fueled vessels

AiP Handover Ceremony at Sea Japan 2024

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