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ClassNK facilitates transition to zero-emission with energy efficiency improvement, alternative fuels, onboard CCS - Launch of ClassNK Transition Support Services-

Tokyo - ClassNK has extended its services to support the concrete actions of customers towards a smooth transition to shipping zero-emission.

With the revision of IMO's GHG emissions reduction targets and the introduction of the EU climate policy package for the shipping sector, regulations towards zero-emission are increasingly becoming stringent. However, the infrastructure for supplying zero-emission fuels is still under development. Shipping industry players need to select and utilize the appropriate GHG emissions reduction measures based on their corporate situation and the specifics of their individual vessels to progress towards zero-emission.

To more effectively support its customers’ ongoing efforts of GHG emissions reduction measures, ClassNK is extending "ClassNK Transition Support Services." ClassNK focuses on three types of GHG emissions reduction measures: the introduction of alternative fuels ships, energy efficiency improvement technologies, and the use of onboard CCS, considering customers’ needs together and leading to the implementation of the optimal solutions.

The service menu will be expanded in response to changes in circumstances, including the regulatory landscape, and technological trends. ClassNK will comprehensively support customers' pursuit of and transition to zero-emission. The details are available on the below page on ClassNK’s website:

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Charting Transition to Zero-Emission

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