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ClassNK releases "Environmental Guidelines (Edition 4.1)” - adding class notations to green steel and microplastics collecting systems -

15 February 2024

Tokyo - ClassNK has released "Environmental Guidelines (Edition 4.1)”. The guidelines newly specify the class notations related to green steel products*1 and microplastics*2 collecting systems.

In response to environmental challenges such as climate change and marine pollution, the introduction of various environmental technologies to ships, beyond compliance with regulations, is promoted. For evaluating these efforts, ClassNK has issued its "Environmental Guidelines" which set out criteria, including the "a-EA (Advanced Environmental Awareness)" notation for ships with advanced environmental measures.

In Edition 4.1, the range of measures eligible for the "a-EA" notation has been expanded to include the use of green steel products in ship structures and other components, and the installation of microplastics collecting systems, with each examination procedure and requirement. Accordingly, 'a-EA (GRS)' can be granted for ships using green steel products and 'a-EA (MPC)' notation for ships equipped with microplastic collection devices.

The guidelines are available to download via "Guidelines" of My Page on ClassNK’s website after registration.

*1 Steel products manufactured by utilizing technologies that substantially reduce or eliminate the emission of carbon dioxide in the steel production process
*2 Marine plastic waste that is smaller than 5 mm in length

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