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ClassNK launches E-Learning courses on Shipping and Shipbuilding Industry

13 February 2024

Tokyo – ClassNK has introduced E-Learning courses offered through its training and education service, “ClassNK Academy”. The courses are designed to impart foundational and technical knowledge essential for professionals and stakeholders in the shipping and shipbuilding industries.

The initiative begins with four key courses. The introductory course delivers a broad overview of the shipping and shipbuilding sectors, suitable for newcomers to the industry. It is followed by three specialized courses on Stability, covering buoyancy principles and both intact and damage stability; Propulsive Performance, detailing the basics of propeller operation, hull form impact, and efficiency enhancements; and Structure and Strength, addressing load considerations and the assessment of hull integrity.

The ClassNK Academy's E-Learning platform offers an intuitive and interactive learning experience, aimed at maximizing knowledge retention and engagement. Upon completion of the courses, participants will be awarded a certificate, acknowledging their achievement and readiness to apply their new knowledge. For companies, this platform also enables the monitoring and assessment of employee learning progress.

Registration for the courses is now available, with pricing set to ensure accessibility for all interested parties. This initiative reflects ClassNK's commitment to supporting the maritime industry's professional development needs. The dedicated website can be found at

Sample of the course material (from "The Step-up Course on Shipping and Shipbuilding - Propulsive Performance Course")

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