Press Release

ClassNK endorses MARIC's lineup of alternative fueled vessels with AiPs

7 December 2023

Shanghai – ClassNK has issued Approvals in Principle (AiPs) for four cutting-edge ship designs developed by Marine Design & Research Institute of China (MARIC).

The four designs – a 210k methanol dual-fueled bulk carrier, a 210k ammonia dual-fueled bulk carrier, a 210k LNG dual-fueled bulk carrier, and an 88k LPG dual-fueled very large gas carrier – represent MARIC's approach to offer a range of environmentally friendly alternatives for the industry transitions towards the ultimate goal of net-zero emissions.

For these accomplishments, ClassNK conducted the verification in line with relevant rules corresponding to respective ship type, including its Guidelines for Ships Using Alternative Fuels.

Mr. Fumihiko Higashi, President, Headquarters of ClassNK (China) said “ClassNK is proud to have completed the design review for these AiPs. We believe this certification, stemming from the collaborative efforts of MARIC and ClassNK, will serve as a testament to the integrity of these diverse designs. More importantly, it acts as a catalyst in accelerating the uptake of alternative fuels onboard, aligning with global environmental goals.”

Approval in Principle (AiP):
At the initial stage of designing or before the specific target ship to be implemented is decided, the design is examined based on the existing regulations such as international conventions and ship classification rules, and an Approval in Principle (AiP) is issued as proof of conformity with requirements. It also prevents rework of regulatory aspects in the post-process, shortens the examination time at the time of class registration, and can be used as a technical basis for external appeal of the design status. For more information, visit ClassNK’s website

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