Technical News

New version (Ver.2.0.0) of “PrimeShip-PSC Intelligence” software is now available.

Please be informed that the latest version (Version. 2.0.0) of “PrimeShip-PSC Intelligence” has been released to assist the improvement of PSC performance of shipping companies.

The following new functions based on feedback from users have been added to PrimeShip-PSC intelligence.

  • With the aid of AI technologies, the software makes it possible to analyze trends of typical deficiencies breaking them down into smaller categories by each country or port. The function allows users to download a pinpoint checklist for each port or country based on the trends.
  • Users are now able to display only requirements of IMO international conventions and local regulations applied on their managing ships in a calendar format.
  • Users can now set KPIs and ship groups freely. The function allows users to assess PSC performance by each ship or ship group based on the KPIs.
  • The software makes it possible to automatically create e-mails attaching PSC rectification reports designated by the Panama administration or Rightship and manage them.

Further details on PrimeShip-PSC Intelligence, including its new functions, are available at the ClassNK website:

ClassNK - SMD