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ClassNK issues first type approval certificate for equipment that has appropriate cyber resilience measures implemented

3 July 2024

Tokyo - ClassNK has issued a type approval certificate to the following products. This is the first type approval certificate issued for equipment that has appropriate cyber resilience measures implemented.

Rosemount Tank Radar AB
(an Emerson company)
Rosemount CMS System
Kongsberg Kongsberg Maritime ASK-Chief & K-Safe
Kongsberg Maritime ASAutoChief 600& K-Steering

IACS has established two Unified Requirements (UR), UR E26*1 for ships and UR E27*2 for on-board systems and equipment, as minimum requirements for cyber resilience, which is the capability to reduce the occurrence and mitigate the effects of cyber incidents due to cyber-attacks. The URs have been applied to new ships contracted for construction on and after 1 July 2024. In line with this, ClassNK has incorporated these requirements in Part X of its "Rules for the Survey and Construction of Steel Ships", which is about computer systems, and "Guidance for the Approval and Type Approval of Materials and Equipment for Marine Use"*3.

ClassNK carried out an examination of the products based on the mentioned rules and guidance. Upon confirming that they comply with the prescribed requirements, a type approval certificates were issued.

ClassNK has set up a portal site aggregating related information to support clients in smoothly responding to requirements relating to cyber resilience and has been providing information through it.

*1 UR E26: Cyber resilience of ships
UR E26 aims to ensure the secure integration of both Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) equipment into the vessel’s network during the design, construction, commissioning, and operational life of the ship. This UR targets the ship as a collective entity for cyber resilience and covers five key aspects: equipment identification, protection, attack detection, response, and recovery.

*2 UR E27: Cyber resilience of on-board systems and equipment
UR E27 aims to ensure system integrity is secured and hardened by third-party equipment suppliers. This UR provides requirements for cyber resilience of on-board systems and equipment and provides additional requirements relating to the interface between users and computer-based systems on-board, as well as product design and development requirements for new devices before their implementation on-board ships.

*3 The guidance applies to tests and inspections of materials and equipment for marine use for which advance approval or type approval by ClassNK is required by the relevant requirements in its rules.

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