Internal control

Internal Control System

As part of “Stabilizing and enhancing management resources” presented in the “ClassNK Mid-term Plan (2017–2021)”, we have considered governance systems appropriate for a general incorporated foundation. As a result, we will develop and operate an internal control system that includes “the system and other requirements defined by the Ministry of Justice ordinance to maintain the appropriate operation of a general incorporated foundation” to reinforce corporate governance.

Based upon this internal control system, we will treat the prevention of improper acts along with the growth of competitiveness and profitability, employ a mid- to long-term point of view, strive to build a firm business foundation for future development, ensure the appropriateness and legality of ClassNK operations, and efficiently pursue organizational objectives while satisfying the requirements of stakeholders and executing business activities to contribute to the development of our economy and society.

We will develop and thoroughly disseminate an “Internal Control Manual” to employees in order to build, institute, and continuously improve the internal control system as well as to reinforce its effective and complete execution.

[Internal Control Manual]

  • “Basic Policy on Internal Control”: ClassNK shall maintain an internal control system according to the “Management Principles and Target Vision”, which provides a common consciousness, objective, and sense of ethics throughout ClassNK.
  • “Regulations for Risk Management”: In all business and operations related to the achievement of ClassNK objectives, ClassNK shall identify, analyze, and evaluate factors that adversely affect the achievement of said objectives as risks and provide appropriate measures against said risks.


Since it is assumed that all individuals involved in the operation of ClassNK should faithfully follow the “Articles of Incorporation of ClassNK”, “ClassNK Mid-term Plan” and the “Management Principles and Target Vision”, we have established the “Behavior Guidelines for Compliance” and the “Compliance Manual” so as to define the starting point of compliance as the “examination of the appropriateness of one’s own actions from the standpoint of an impartial third party by temporarily putting aside any personal, internal, or business interests”. In addition, we shall regard the aforementioned guidelines and manual as the basis for all activities and act in accordance with them during the conduct of all ClassNK business operations as well as encourage the practice of the “Basic Policy on Internal Control System” in our private lives.

To create an ethical organizational culture and to realize fair and appropriate management, we will disseminate the “Behavior Guidelines for Compliance” and “Compliance Manual” to all employees and reinforce their thorough execution in order to fulfill ClassNK's social responsibilities.

  • “Behavior Guidelines for Compliance”: In order for ClassNK, an independent organization, to continuously and stably provide high quality, fair, transparent and appropriate service, all executives and regular employees of ClassNK shall have a deep sense of ethics for gaining social trust and aim to practice fair and faithful behavior.
  • “Compliance Manual”: All executives and regular employees regardless of position and responsibility will equally and voluntarily comply with not only this manual, but also any laws and rules related to our business activities with the best of intentions in order to build a much more ethical organization culture.

Behavior Guidelines for Compliance (PDF)